Micxfit Studio Fitness

Based in Bellshill we promote health, fitness and wellness.

Micxfit Studio Fitness

MicXfit Studio Fitness is a new boutique fitness studio promoting health, fitness and wellbeing. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to improve their overall physical and mental health. We offer a wide variety of fitness classes, personal training, group training, relaxation, meditation and Reiki!

Micxfit Group Training

MicXfit Group Training (MGT) is a small group with a maximum of 18 participants per class. 3 sessions a week Monday’s, Wednesdays and Fridays . 6am 7am 10am 5pm 6pm and 8pm - 60 minute sessions, with an option of 45-60 minutes for my ‪6am‬ class, allowing you plenty of time to set off for work :) Each session will focus specifically on strength, conditioning, power and core and incorporate a mixture of resistance, HIIT & circuit training for a comprehensive fat burning, kick ass workout. My focus for MGT is not about squeezing as many people into a class as I can, it's about ensuring that each member has a quality experience in a class where they feel safe, knowing that the instructor can focus on form and technique which can often be lost in overcrowded classes.  As an instructor I aim to give you an enjoyable, fun yet challenging workout, working alongside like minded people on the same journey and with the same goals as you to keep you motivated and offer support long the way.  I see my groups as my fitness family, a family like no other (without sounding too cheesy), no matter what point you are at in your fitness journey, the support from all group members is what keeps people coming back, it's a place to meet new friends, to laugh, to cry....and of course shout at the instructor!!

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